An avid Photographer since my teenage years has given me the incredible experience of exploring all of New England in its glory and capturing almost everything it has to offer.  Living and growing up in New England means you see all four seasons in its beauty.  From the Mountains to the Lakes, enjoying the Oceans tranquility, or simply exploring the big city life, we have it all right here.  That's why I love this place so much while also hating the cold.  

Forgoing a studio allows your imagination to capture real places with beautiful backgrounds to bring out any emotion, experience, or mood.  That's what I have been doing for so many years and why my children wanted me to do what I have loved my whole life, Photography.  Because of them, I have captured their lifetime as moments in time, traveled the world with countless moments, and preserved their memories forever.  Without these memories, I could never SEE what has been lost so dear. That has inspired me to pursue my Photography to the next level in their honor and help others along the way, hoping to make just one memorable moment at a time.

For my Children, Jenna and Steven.

Michael F Pellegrini

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